International Catholic Boarding School of the Year: A Great Choice for Your Child

Catholic International Boarding school
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When searching for an international Catholic boarding school, it’s important to consider the school’s religious affiliation, its curriculum, and whether or not it offers the degree program you want your child to study.

And although every year hundreds of students apply to an international Catholic boarding school, only a few students are accepted into this prestigious institution because of its rigorous academic standards. Here are just some of the reasons why an international Catholic boarding school may be right for your child.


Is An International School Right For My Child?

If you’re looking to choose an international school, it’s important to understand what makes them different from other schools. There are many advantages that make an international school a great choice for your child.

For example, boarders can receive a quality education in a variety of subjects while also learning valuable life skills and developing independent thinking skills they will be able to apply once they get older.

Students develop an appreciation for culture, which helps them grow into open-minded adults who enjoy the diversity and all it has to offer. Also, boarding students have a smaller student-to-teacher ratio than traditional schools; they get more one-on-one time with teachers and connect on a deeper level than they would at a larger school.


What is an international school?

An international school is a school where different cultures are represented and children from around the world can interact with one another. Learning in an international setting helps children develop their cognitive skills while also experiencing how people from other countries think, speak, and act.

Studies have shown that learning in a multicultural environment has many benefits and offers students lifelong benefits. If you’re looking for top-notch Catholic education, then an international Catholic boarding school may be a great choice.

These schools offer programs that reflect your family’s religious beliefs and principles while also giving your child opportunities to travel abroad and learn about other cultures through hands-on experiences. Plus, these Catholic boarding schools typically offer affordable tuition costs so your family doesn’t have to worry about breaking your budget.


What Are The Benefits Of An International Education?

There are many benefits to international education, but when parents are looking at international schools, it’s not just about travel or educational advantage. When deciding between schools in different countries—whether you are looking at boarding schools or day schools—it’s important to consider how these decisions will affect your child’s education.

Catholic schools offer a strong faith-based environment that builds personal character, provides leadership development, and fosters values-driven decision-making in students. These same qualities can be found in international Catholic boarding schools and help to set them apart from other international boarding school options.


What Kind Of Classes Do They Offer At An International School?

Before you consider where to send your children, it’s helpful to know what kind of classes are available at an international school. For example, is there a foreign language class? Do they offer art and music? And how about sports – do they have team sports or individual activities like track and field? Or gymnastics?

The answer depends on where you’re looking. Some Catholic schools around the world cater only to elementary students, but others offer additional programs through high school. It’s important to find out what kinds of classes are offered before making a decision.


How Can I Apply to an International School?

If you want to send your child abroad to an international school, it’s not quite as simple as just finding a school with an English-speaking population.

If you’re looking at boarding schools and schools that teach in foreign languages other than English, be sure to check whether or not they have boarding facilities.

The majority of international schools offer both day schooling and boarding facilities on their campuses, but some don’t; if your child will be living away from home and attending classes on campus, make sure there are enough facilities available for them.


Who Should I Contact To Get More Information About An Int. School in My Area?

You should contact your local parish and see if they offer scholarships. Alternatively, you can also contact Catholic schools in your area and ask them questions about admission requirements and programs.

Of course, one simple way to find an international school is through online research; simply type Catholic boarding schools into Google or Bing (or Yahoo) to search. You’ll quickly learn that Saint Matthew’s International Residential School is a great choice for families from all over the world.


How Do I Choose Between 2 or More Schools in My Area?

If you’re visiting 2 or more schools in your area, it’s best to evaluate each school individually. To start, determine which aspects are most important to you. Is it academic quality? Or is it extracurricular programs?

For example, if academic excellence is most important to you, then you might want to focus on ratings that measure students’ test scores. If college preparation is what matters most to you (and cost doesn’t matter), then you might want to choose a school based on an overall high rating and reputation among admissions officers at four-year colleges. High school rankings like the U.S.


List of International Catholic Boarding Schools

The best way to find a good boarding school is to do your research. Here’s a list of international Catholic boarding schools that might be worth checking out further. 

  • Georgetown Preparatory School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School (Rhode Island)
  • Maur Hill – Mount Academy (Kansas)
  • Mount Michael Benedictine School
  • St. Bernard Preparatory School (Alabama)
  • Marianapolis Prep School (Connecticut)
  • Chaminade College Prep School (Missouri)
  • St. Michael’s Academy
  • Kennedy Catholic High School
  • Timberland Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

All there are highly regarded by parents and faculty; they each offer unique experiences but all take a safe, multi-cultural approach with an emphasis on academics, healthy lifestyles, and spiritual growth.

You may also want to consider looking into other types of boarding schools near you or near your child’s current school, such as military or non-religious private schools. Many people choose a type based on their personal preferences and budget so don’t limit yourself just because you’re looking at Catholic institutions. Best wishes in your search!


Brief Conclusion:

The Catholic all-inclusive school advances Catholic personality in all everyday issues. Instruction goes past the study hall. Loading up understudies urge each other to remain at work whenever of the day and talk about instructing materials.

In that capacity, your kid will consistently be encircled by individual Christians and will impart a social climate to similar individuals of similar confidence.

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